Thursday, 20 October 2016


If I say we can prepare this egg curry without using any spices or may be minimal spice would you believe? You have to because I have exactly done that. It can be an easy solution on a busy weeknight.... As told earlier a number of times... my senior is an ardent egg lover, hence I have to think of bringing in variety in its preparation. Given the health benefit of having eggs, non availability of our kind of fish at the place we live in, I find it extremely convenient to prepare an egg curry at least twice a week. As the senior of my men always say spend less time in kitchen, be smart, cook less. With the age factor given and lethargy gripping in... I think I am finally giving in to that... By the time my junior steps out home to explore the world, I perhaps will come down to grilled stuffs and salads for the two of us... the small eaters.

The very thought of living far from my teen has a piercing effect on me. I remember the younger him sitting on mamma's lap while going to and from school. On his birthdays I even cooked for 35-40 guests with ease.... now I am so scared.... So need to accept I am aging.... In tune with simple cooking solutions for myself and you all, let us do this quick  Egg Dry Curry in few easy steps using minimal spices. Using whole garam masala for tempering makes the curry flavoursome.....

Egg : 8
Plain Yogurt : 1medium Cup
Onion Paste : 2tbsp
Garlic Paste : 1tbsp
Ginger Paste : 1tsp
Cumin Powder : 1/2tsp [optional]
Red Chilli Powder : 1tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1tsp
Salt : As Required
Cinnamon Stick : 2 one inch
Green Cardamom : 3-4
Clove : 2-3
Bayleaf : 1
Sugar : 1/2tsp
Oil : 4-5tbsp

Boil the eggs in enough water for about 6-8 minutes. Let cool. Drain the water and discard the shell.

Slit both ends of the eggs and rub with little salt and turmeric.

Heat oil in a wok and lightly fry the eggs in batches. Keep aside.

Temper oil with a bayleaf, cinnamon stick, green cardamom and clove.

As you get a nice aroma, add the onion paste. Fry till golden brown.

Add the ginger and garlic paste and fry for 2-3 minutes.

Beat the yogurt and add to the wok. Mix well and stir for 2 minutes.

Add the cumin powder, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and salt. Stir for a minute.

Add a small cup of water. Let it come to boil.

Add the eggs and let cook for 6-8 minutes till the curry dries up. Add the sugar, stir well.

Its done. Transfer to a serving bowl. Serve hot with rice or chapati.

Sunday, 16 October 2016


Marasim.... meaning relationship or connection.... however reluctant I am about building networks or connections with the world, my 'Marasim' with poetry, music, nature strengthens with each passing day. As of now, my headphone takes me to an ethereal musical journey of Gulzaar saab and late Jagjit Singh ji duo's Marasim album... the cool breeze adding to the mood. Been a sunday, a statutory warning also breaks the silence, ...... you will spoil your ears now. When the environment calls for some kind of romanticism, if someone acts otherwise, how would you feel? I do not know about you all, but I have always felt myself very secured in the two trusted hands which I know will never leave mine, for whom the old lady is surviving in a world peacefully that neither did understand her, nor she could understand its ways. Looking back, the daddy of the house got her lots of books, the mom protected her within the warmth of her arms, failing to teach their loving daughter how to deal with the world. The lazy little girl loved to be in the cocooned shell, never willing to learn the nitty gritty of life....

Is that little girl, now an old lady had a troubled life? Not really, the son-in-law took charge in time and with elan..... Is she naive as they say?.... she thinks she is no more so... the once naive and innocent girl is actually a confused, silly being, lost in her own utopian world... a warm, cosy, easy- peasy world... so her weekend conversation is always as this.... bossy I lack common sense right? The person on the other side who never spoke ill of his lady, would say stop thinking too much, take things as it comes. Learn to ignore, the world does not work your way. The little girl living within the tired physical being feels very secured sitting beside the uber cool, confident person, Gulzar saab's lyrics lingers on 'Chulhe Nehi Jalaye, Basti Hi Jal Gayi'...... The otherwise quite, yet stubborn lady reaffirms.... whatever may come... one needs to be graceful... been wild at others is not her forte. She will do what she thinks is right.

Did I sit to write a recipe?.... hope so, a busy monday ahead, I preferred to do the write up this evening. This bhindi, okra curry with considerable amount of yogurt is surely a vegetarian delight. Have it with roti, paratha or rice, you will love it.... I have used more yogurt and less spices for the dish. I completely omitted garlic paste, you can use though. Let us cook this easy peasy Dahi Okra Curry together.

Okra [lady finger] : 250gm
Plain Yogurt : 11/2 medium cup
Onion : 1 medium [sliced]
Ginger Paste : 1tsp
Nigella Seed : 1/4tsp
Mustard Seed : 2-3 pinches
Coriander Powder : 1tsp
Cumin Powder : 1/2tsp
Fennel Powder : 1/4tsp
Cinnamon Powder : 2pinches
Green Cardamom Powder : A pinch
Red Chilli Powder : 1tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1tsp
Salt : As Required
Sugar : 1tsp[optional]
Oil : 3-4tbsp

Wash and dry the lady fingers. Discard the two ends and cut into halves. Apply little salt and turmeric, mix well and keep aside for 10 minutes.

Heat oil in a wok. Fry the okra pieces in batches and transfer to a plate. Temper oil with nigella seeds and mustard seeds. Add the onion slices and fry till golden brown.

Now add the ginger paste and fry for two minutes. Beat the yogurt and add to the wok.

Add salt, turmeric, coriander powder, cumin powder, fennel powder and red chilli powder. Stir for a minute.

Now add the fried okra pieces, fold in well and cover cook for 5-6 minutes. Open cover every 2 minutes and  stir. Now add one medium cup of water and cover cook for 4-5 minutes.

Open cover, add cinnamon and cardamom powder, sugar. Stir and let boil for a minute or two.

Its done, transfer to a serving bowl. Serve hot with roti, paratha or rice.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


With the festive hangover still on, I am too lethargic and reluctant to write a single line. Yesterday we bid adieu to Maa Durga, greeted each other, had a lunch bhog with Khichdi and Hilsa Fry... and came back home heavy hearted. Sitting at the favourite corner of the couch, rewinding all the fun we had in the past five days and getting mentally prepared for a lovely dinner invitation at a dear couple friend's place.... I thought I have nothing at home that I can carry for them. I usually wish to prepare something with love when I go for an invitation.... however little and simple it is. Yet, honestly I am still in no mood to cook. The glam and glitz and festivity of Durga Puja is ruling my heart. Besides, the pathetically romantic me is again back to her music maniac state. So I planned to prepare something simple and hassle free, so far my headphone allowed me to.... I am kind of immersed in Rafi saab's "Abhi na jao chor kar, ke dil abhi bhara nehi"at the moment. I am pretty sure by now I am a food blogger by fault.

From now till Diwali many of my friends will come up with their unique sweet recipes, I know. Let me add mine. Yesterday, I had exactly two hours time to prepare something. So, I prepared this sweet, which took me less than two hours. It is definitely not rasmalai... I did not have enough time and energy to go with a long process. The paneer and khoya balls you see are not cooked or fried. The two are prepared fresh, mashed and kneaded well and soaked in hot milk and sugar syrup. What else do you expect from a lazy cook... I can guarantee about the taste though. Come lets prepare RASBHARI PANEER N KHOYA BALLS together.

INGREDIENTS [for the instant khoya]
Milk Powder : 1medium cup
Full Cream Milk : 1/2medium cup
Ghee : 1/4th small cup

INGREDIENTS [for fresh paneer]
Skimmed Milk : 1lt
Lemon Juice : 2-3tbsp

INGREDIENTS [for the milk malai]
Full Cream Milk : 500ml
Sugar : 1/2medium cup
Green Cardamom Powder : 1/2tsp

INGREDIENTS : [final dish]
Paneer : As we get
Khoya : As we get
Milk Malai : As we get
Sugar : 2tbsp
Green Cardamom : 1/4th tsp
Pistachio [chopped] : 2tsp for garnish.

For the instant khoya, we will take the milk powder, full cream milk and ghee in a microwave safe bowl and mix well. Microwave at high for 3 minutes, pausing and stirring each minute. Let cool.

For the paneer, take the skimmed milk in a heavy bottomed vessel, put on gas and bring to boil. Once it comes to boil, switch off gas. Squeeze the lemon juice. Stir and the milk curdles. Let stand for 15 minutes.

Strain the whey water through a clean, white cloth. Tie the cloth with remaining paneer to your sink top for 1/2 an hour.

Take down and transfer to a plate. Add the instant khoya, 2tbsp sugar, green cardamom 1/4tsp.

Mash and knead the whole mixture for about 15 minutes. It looks as below.

Now we will shape into medium sized balls or flattened tikkis. They look as below.

Arrange all the balls in a little shallow dish.

Boil 500 ml milk for about 12-15 minutes till it reduces to 250-300ml. Add the sugar and boil further for 5-8 minutes. Add 1/4tsp cardamom powder, stir and let boil for 2-3 minutes further.

Pour the hot milk syrup atop the paneer and khoya balls. Garnish with chopped pistachios. Serve chilled or warm.

Monday, 3 October 2016


The festive season is here again.... our biggest festival Durga Puja is at the doorsteps.... for the rest of India it is Navratri... All clean, lighted up homes with everyone at home in a festive mood. Happier are the souls, yet we miss that feel of Kolkata during this time of the year. In a foreign land, unless and until we are at the festival venue, we do not even understand it is Durga Pooja. I love to sit quietly at a corner and watch the priest performing, watching the all decked up crowd and off course diving into the array of food in offer. The best part of Durga Pooja for me is visiting Ramkrishna Mission watching Maharaj performing the rituals, listening to the boys of the home singing.There is not much cooking at our home during these five days. At my parental home, it was /is an all vegetarian fair during the four days of Durga Puja. In general, at all Bengali homes, it is the time for an exotic food fair with a variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

Taking into account both Navratri and Durga Pooja celebrations, I wished to share a quick and easy sweet recipe with everyone so that they can prepare it during this festive season. By Instant Festive Sweet, I did not mean it is a no cooking sweet. What I meant is it needs very less cooking. I think like me, many of you will wish to spend less time in the kitchen, specially during the festivity. The basic idea for this sweet is drawn from a famous food site which I have mentioned below. Let us prepare this easy to make Instant Festive Sweet together.

Recipe Inspiration :

Milk Powder : 1big cup
Full Cream Milk : 1/2big cup
Desiccated Coconut : 1medium Cup
Semolina[suji] : 11/2 medium to big cup
Sugar : 1small cup
Green Cardamom Powder : 1tsp
Ghee[clarified butter] : 2tbsp

Take the milk powder in a bowl. Add the full cream milk to it. Mix very well so that no lumps are there.

Heat the ghee in a pan. Add the semolina, fold in well and keep stirring till the semolina turns light brown and releases a nice aroma.

Now add the sugar and keep stirring for a minute or 2.

Add the desiccated coconut, fold in well and keep stirring for 2 minutes.

Add the milk mixture, fold in well and stir for 2-3 minutes until it turns sticky.

Transfer to a mould of your choice and spread evenly.

After an hour turn upside down on a plate.

Cut into shape of your choice. I garnished with sultanas.

Thursday, 29 September 2016


Looking at the photograph, I am wondering how can one be such a horrible photographer even after two years of blogging.... I am a lazy blogger, but however insincere I am with every details, I am a sincere cook as they say may be... that makes me happy... So long we respect boundaries, as long as we accept our limitations and appreciate the good in others whole heartedly... we should be a happy lot. In between, all the cat fights are meaningless, waste of time.... We should always mind our own business.... the lack of which in all of us is the cause of all irritation and unrest among us.... Coming to photography.... it also seems I am getting colour blind... That red mat is such a mismatch... Things would not have been such worse hadn't we had to go for a movie last night. Yesterday morning I discovered half packet of macaroni, thought of some cutlets... google searched some sites for the recipe and went ahead with mine. I will definitely mention them later in the post so that you too may find a lot of quick and yummy recipe ideas from there. The photograph may be horrible, but the cutlets were really crisp and tasty.

Later we may change this picture, but today I really wished to share this recipe of Macaroni Cutlet, which was quick, easy and surely to be loved by your family, specially the kids. I used very few ingredients to prepare these vegetarian cutlets like some boiled macaroni, boiled potato, onion, corn and cheese. I am not so much of a cheese person, however yesterday wished to use some, in different food forums I see corn and cheese go very well. We got some smoked Gouda cheese from Amsterdam, I used that. As I have said earlier, I am never particular about the ingredients of a recipe, unless it is an authentic regional dish. My version of Macaroni Cutlet requires very less spices, let us do it.

Recipe Courtesy :
Nalini's Kitchen
Easy Kid's Evening Snacks[you tube]

Macaroni : 250gm [boiled]
Potato : 2big [boiled n mashed]
Sweet Corn : 1small cup
Cheese : 100 gm [ cut into small cubes, I used smoked Gouda]
Onion : 2big [sliced]
Green Chilli : 2-3 chopped
Black Pepper Powder : 1tsp
Salt : As Required
Bread Crumb : 100 gm
Oil : 100-150ml [to fry]

Boil macaroni and potato separately. Mash the potato using little salt. Peel, wash and slice the onions.

Heat oil in a wok. Add the sliced onions and saute till translucent. Add the chopped green chillies and stir.

Add the sweet corns and fry for a minute. Add the boiled macaroni and fold in well.

Add the mashed potatoes, fold in well and cook for 2 more minutes.

Transfer to a plate and add the cheese cubes. Mix well.

Shape into cutlets. Take the bread crumbs onto a plate.

Coat the cutlets well with bread crumbs.

Heat oil in a wok. Fry the macaroni cutlets in batches at low heat, until they are crisp and light brown.

Transfer onto a tissue paper before serving.

Serve hot with your favourite sauce or chutney.

Monday, 26 September 2016


A fever, sore throat, junior's semester, attending certain other responsibilities, my own engagements, I am caught up with so many things. Yet I thought I should write up a recipe today, its been a week I have not. This Niramish Chocchori or Mixed Vegetable Medley is a regular dish in any Bengali household. Each family has its own way of doing it.... with any combination of vegetables and their choice of tempering. At my home I try to keep the vegetable dishes less spicy because I tend to prepare my curries a bit spicy and hot.

To be very frank, in my side of the family, we usually use this combination of vegetables to cook shutki maach [sundried fish, specifically with dried Bombay Duck]. If you are still reading it and have not left me, let me tell you I still could not gather the courage to blog on my much loved dried fish dishes. Before I stop blogging, I hope I can, I should. We belong to the eastern part of undivided Bengal, now Bangladesh. Hence dried fish preparations are a delicacy for us. My burger, sushi, pizza loving men too becomes a typical Bangal when it comes to dried fish bharta or chocchori. When I can blog on it I will, as of now I wish to share this simple mixed vegetable dish with you all.

Let us prepare this Niramish Chocchori / Mixed Vegetable Medley together before my swollen eyes starts giving more trouble.

PUMPKIN : 1/2 of a medium sized one
BROAD BEAN : 250gm
POTATO : 2 medium
RADISH : 4 [if using the small sized Indian ones, otherwise a big one]
ONION 1 [sliced, authentically not used]
GREEN CHILLI : 4[slitted]
SALT : As Required
NIGELLA SEED [KALONJI] : 1/4tsp [for tempering]
DRY RED CHILLI : 2 [slitted]
OIL : 2tbsp[authentically Mustard Oil]

Remove the skin of pumpkin, potato and radish. Wash and cut into cubes. Wash and cut the eggplants into cubes. Cut each broad bean into three pieces.

Keep each in separate bowls and rub with turmeric powder and salt.

Heat oil in a wok. Temper with nigella seeds and slitted dry red chillies. Add the onion slices and fry till golden brown.

Add the potato and radish pieces, stir and cover cook for 3-4 minutes. Add the broad beans and pumpkin. Fold in well.

Add the slitted green chillies, cumin powder and stir well. Cover cook for 2-3 minutes. Add the egg plant pieces, fold in well and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Add sugar and fold in well. Cook for another 2 minutes.

Transfer to a serving bowl. Enjoy with rice or chapati.

Monday, 19 September 2016


This was our last night's dinner. My kitchen is not in a condition to cook. We just had a gruesome shifting session last friday and everything is messed up. Since friday we are getting food from outside, or going out in between to have food. This does not work for long for a person like me. Besides, I am too unwilling and lethargic to go out even for a minute when the house is in total mess. I do enjoy weekend dining ventures with family and friends though. Yesterday afternoon, while watching an Indian television channel, I just came across an advertisement on Vegetable Kathi Roll of a famous food brand of India. I was literally drooling and slurping and instantly decided I have to prepare this. In turn there was a revolution kind of at home saying I always fail to set my priorities in life and there is no wrong keeping off kitchen for few days. I accept but what about the foodie in me who dream of food all the time, though publicly showing off as if I am too health conscious.

Now the food advertisements do not come with the recipe. There must be a number of similar recipes but I went ahead with my own because I had to do it with whatever was available at home. We are even unable to keep proper stock of vegetables, meat and fish at this moment. So let us do the Vegetarian Kheema Roll together. They turned out crispy and yum which I served on paratha topped with tomato chilli sauce and mayonnaise.

Potato : 2big
Minced Soya : 1medium cup
Sweet Corn : 1/2 small cup
Green Pea : 1/2small cup
Onion : 2medium 
Green Chilli : 2-3
Cumin Powder : 1tsp
Coriander Powder : 1tsp
Cinnamon Powder : 1/4tsp
Cardamom Powder : 1/4tsp
Cloves Powder : 3-5pinches
Red Chilli Powder : 1/2tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Cumin Seed : 1/4cup
Salt : As required
Refined Flour : 2tbsp
Corn Flour : 1tbsp
Bread Crumb : A cup full of
Oil : 100-150ml for frying

Wash, cut half and pressure cook the potatoes in enough water up to two whistles. Once cold, peel the skin and mash.

Soak the minced soya in hot water for 1/2 an hour and drain the water.

Peel, wash and slice the onions. Wash the sweet corns and green peas. Chop the green chillies.

Heat oil in a wok. Temper with cumin seeds. Add the sliced onions and chopped green chillies. After 2-3 minutes add the minced soya, all the powdered spices and salt. Stir very well for 3-4 minutes.

Add the mashed potatoes and fold in well. Keep stirring for 2-3 minutes. Add the refined flour and cornflour. Fold in well.

Transfer to a plate and let cool.

Now shape into rolls as is seen below.

Take the bread crumbs in a plate. Coat the Vegetable Kheema Roll with it.

Heat oil in a wok. Fry the rolls carefully in batches.

Once done transfer onto tissue paper first.

I served them as dinner, hence atop paratha topped with tomato chilli sauce and mayonnaise. If you are having as snacks, do enjoy with chutney and salad.